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loucoronaAt 21 Lou suffered from Toxemia which caused him to suffer from Chronic asthma, severe allergies, Constipation, Debilitating arthritis, a Tumor and Severe acne. At near death he received the four principles - and his journey on how to heal began. After many months of detoxing and cleansing everything Lou had previously suffered from was gone. Lou now assists hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Many of the people who have integrated The 4 Principles into their way of life have overcome many serious conditions. 68 years of age now, his company, Puradyme offers life-changing tools that have consistently helped people around the world- cleanse, rebuild, and renew their life to obtain perfect health.

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Learn how to cleanse, rebuild and renew your life


The Secret To Longevity


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Hundreds of thousands of people have been healed from:

Acne - Arthritis - Allergies - Alzheimer’s - Asthma - Cellulite - Candida - Chronic fatigue - Constipation - Depression - Diabetes - Endometriosis - Excess weight - IBS - Indigestion - Infections - Heart disease - Tumors - MS - Parkinson’s - PMS - Psoriasis - Sinus congestion - High cholesterol

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