Michael Perlin and Fruzsina Varga
Professional Associates with Puradyme

We believe that everyone is born to be healthy, happy, and youthful with an abundance of energy.  By putting the Life Back In Your Food and nourishing your body with the proper supplements you can correct and maintain this natural god-given state.  Today the life force that exists in the foods we eat is stripped away by cooking, processing, pasteurizing, adding preservatives, chemicals and/or altering its genetic makeup and all this is done in the interest of profit with no concern for the welfare of the consumer.  People all over the world are getting their health back by starting programs involving enzyme therapy, probiotic therapy, superfoods, organic raw living foods, detoxification and many more that bring the body back to a clean, efficient machine.   After years of study and research we have found Lou Corona and Puradyme to have the absolute best products and tools out there today to accomplish this goal.  Which is why we became Professional Associates of Puradyme. Let’s get clean, lean and serene together. Make a difference in your own life and lets make a difference on the planet.