7 Best Vegan and Protein Foods


One of the misconceptions of the vegan lifestyle is that there is no source of protein and one will always stay hungry when on a vegan diet. I remember my grandma use to say I need to eat meat to be strong and by only eating veggies I won’t grow up and won’t have muscles. Her generation did not know what is becoming more and more obvious to us millennials. That is that a variety of vegetables contain protein that is by far more digestible and healthier for the body than meat.

Some things to consider before going on the vegan diet however is that every body IS different and every blood type has different nutritional needs. Make sure you do your own research about what your body needs. Don’t take anybody’s word for it. This article is merely informative and not to suggest anything in particular for what you should do.   But just remember that today we have a huge advantage over the last generation. Numerous studies have been done and scientific papers have been published on the benefits of forks over knives. These studies have shown that young people who ate red meat had a slightly increased risk for developing cancer. We have to listen to our own inner voices in what we truly wish to put into our body.

1) Raw, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds:

These yummy little seeds contain about almost 33g of pure protein in every 100g. They are also a really good source of dietary fiber and minerals! Sprinkle them on salads or just eat them as a snack between meals.

2) Raw Hemp Seeds:

Luckily, these powerful tiny seeds are available on the market and they definitely on the top of the protein list. 1 tablespoon contains 3.3g of protein. Hemp seeds are an excellent ingredient in smoothies and shakes, and I also love them in any salads or pastes that are great on raw crackers. Check out some awesome raw recipes from my favorite raw chef’s ebook

3) Raw, Sprouted Almonds:

To get your almond fix, consume about 1 cup of raw sprouted almonds to get over 30g of protein! No excuse to build your muscles!

4) Flax Seeds:

They are excellent in smoothies or homemade raw yogurts. You get a little less than 2g of protein with every table spoon of flax seed.

5) Sprouts:

If you had enough of seeds or have a seed allergy of any kind you can always please your stomach with broccoli sprouts or sprouts in general. Sprouts are also some of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. How much energy is stored in those little growing plants? 3oz of broccoli sprouts have 2g of protein content and provides 35 of the healthiest calories you can consume.

6) Lentils

are also great protein source. I tablespoon will provide you about 1 gram of it. Although it’s missing a couple of amino acids, when consumed with rice or other grains they make excellent meal.

7) Chickpeas

are so great in a variety of meals. They have 15g of protein in every cup!  One of my favorite protein supplements is the RAW LYIF PROTEIN which is the highest most potent protein powder out there. 900 grams of pure plant based raw protein is filled with amino acids and probiotics to enhance your well being. 21 grams in every 2 scoops of this delicious powder will fill you up, give you more strength and will leave you more energized than any meat you’ve ever eaten! Put the Life Back In Your Food.


These are just a handful of options you can get quality protein from. I have been a vegan for many years now and I have done my research from the beginning to ensure that I always stay in perfect health. In fact, I maintained my vegan lifestyle even during pregnancy and breastfeeding and my child is completely healthy, very strong and stocky. I am not suggesting you should be a vegan and that this is the “one, true way”. But if you’d like to stay healthy, prevent illnesses and get your immune system super strong, you might want to give these powerful plants and seeds a try. There is a galore of raw plant based recipes available online. Or you can click here and learn more of this rejuvenating lifestyle.  https://puralive.com

-Fruzsina Varga