The New Green Revolution

As our environment becomes increasingly polluted and the death rate due to cancer continues to climb, the only hope we have is to make our bodies stronger and healthier.  No amount of library research or medicine will give you a stronger, healthier body. Only a good diet with plenty of raw green foods, exercise and a positive caring attitude will do this.

Thanks to the new Green Revolution we have seen greater yields of a larger variety of plants available to the average consumer and more “health food” sections in the major grocery stores. The new Green Revolution is all about bringing “green” awareness to the people. Most people eat so few green vegetables, fruits, and raw foods that it is no wonder cancer is a $500 Billion industry.

More and more people have become aware of the effect modern industrialized agriculture has on our society. The needless suffering and slaughtering of animals and the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides have on our bodies.

If you don’t know this already, negative emotions distort the integrity and the quality of the cells in the body because we are made up of trillions of cells and every cell that make up your body responds to how we think, how we feel, and especially how we eat and drink.

The new green revolution is about bringing green plants, grasses, and foods into your home and lifestyle. In 1977 the United States became the first nation in history whose people consumed more than 50% of their diet as processed items. This experiment with foods created epidemic proportions of degenerative diseases, many of which are labeled, “incurable.” In light of this fact, how can we be so arrogant as to believe that we can improve on nature?  But of course, we all know that the Food Corporations control everything you see on the shelf and they are nothing more than profit machines.  But eventually, they are going to lose their winning streak because the green revolution is an awakening in the consciousness of humanity who are now concerned with not only replenishing nature’s trees and green plants but also with cleaning out the “national bloodstream”, using fresh green foods and juices to do so.

The soil we grow our food on should be a serious concern to us. Not only our topsoil eroding by thousands of acres each year, but is losing its vitality.  When the mineral content of the soil is poor, it yields crops that are deficient in enzyme enriched nutrients.  Because of this farmers have come to depend on fertilizers, waxes and chemical sprays to keep their plants alive and vibrant appearing.  In many cases, fruits and vegetables today are artificially colored.  These items usually have little taste or aroma.

So where will we get our minerals from in a healthful diet?

Certainly not from processed foods, meats, sugar, white bread, or butter.  Our best source of supply is from organically grown land vegetables and sea vegetables, sprouts and wheatgrass. More and more organic farmers encourage soil fertility, by enriching its stores of natural minerals, earthworms, and soil enzymes. Foods grown on organic soil are balanced foods, which foster healthy, balanced people.

Many people are not fond of eating uncooked vegetables or anything green. A great solution is to juice them and drink the juice.  Juicing makes the nutrients and enzymes immediately bioavailable so your body can get supercharged by all the health benefits.  By juicing fresh fruits and vegetables you are eliminating the fiber that your body would normally have to digest and enter the colon to get processed.

A great way to start your green revolution is by learning how to make Lou Corona’s Lemon Ginger Blast.  The Lemon Ginger Blast will clean and wash the system from the inside out. Drinking this on a daily basis is like doing enzyme and mineral therapy. This is a very powerful drink that Lou has been thriving on for over 28 years.   Lemon Ginger Blast Detox Drink by Lou Corona