Juicing VS Chewing

Many people don’t really understand the hype about juicing and why they can’t just eat the fruit/vegetables and get the same results.  Well, you can get similar results but they are definitely not the same. The biggest difference is volume and digestion.  It would be very hard to sit down and eat a bunch of celery, cilantro, Kale, lemon, parsley, apples, ginger etc. all in one sitting.

With juicing, you are essentially removing all fiber, pulp and volume leaving only the liquid of the fruit and/or vegetables. Many people will say that it is such a waste of the fiber… but there is a very good reason to do it.  Many people are experiencing illness or disease and sometimes their bodies are very weak.  The whole point of juicing is that you are conserving all the energy needed to heal and recover rather than using it up on digesting.

By removing the insoluble fiber you are able to drink all of the nutrients and make it immediately bioavailable to your body and absorbed in about 15 minutes. The bulk of the vitamins and minerals found in a fruit or vegetable are typically in the juice — not the pulp and fibrous material.  That way your body gets to focus all its energy on healing and detoxing.

Lou Corona makes his Lemon Ginger Blast every morning because it cleans and washes the system from the inside out. He says that by drinking this on a daily basis it is like doing enzyme and mineral therapy. This is a very powerful drink that he has been thriving on for over 27 years. Watch Lou talk about the lemon ginger blast and why it is so beneficial.  You can watch how he prepares it in this video.

Kale is fantastic to juice.  Black kale or dinosaur kale is rich in beta-carotene and it’s got so many amazing other properties. Parsley is a great blood purifier. Cilantro helps to remove heavy metals from the body. Lemons are very alkalizing to the body.  Habanero peppers are a very powerful antioxidant and also it helps to remove parasites and bad bacteria from the body.  Garlic is a great antifungal.  Fresh ginger and turmeric are very powerful in reducing inflammation.  Apples are rich in vitamin C and are also add sweetness to help make this a little bit more drinkable.  Cucumbers are very hydrating and celery is great for the digestive tract. These two combined are very oxygenating as well so that it becomes a very alkalizing, oxygenating, cleansing and hydrating juice.

The ingredients above are all in the Lemon Ginger Blast Drink but there are so many more amazing super-food juices you can make to heal and detoxify the body.  You may want to juice to build up your health and your immune system.  You may juice as a preventative measure.   For whatever your reason, it will help nourish all the cells in your body. Disease cannot thrive in a body that is alkaline, oxygenated, free of parasites and free of inflammation.  So drink your green juice!