Lou’s Raw Creamy Cheese Dip

Delicate & Flavorful, this party favorite is sure to wow!!

3286a7562008b84f1a10bc9a3169a689Taste Profile: Delicate, Tart, Much like Mozzarella
Yield: 1/2 Cup
Use: Dip, Spread, Dressing

3/4 Cup Cultured Macadamia Nut Yogurt
1/2 TBS Lemon Juice (Fresh Squeezed)
Small Garlic Clove Minced
1  1/2 Tsp  Raw Chickpea Miso
2 Tsp  Raw Maca Powder
Salt & Pepper to taste

Preparation:     Blend until smooth

* Once blended try adding your favorite herb! (red peppers, chives, habanero peppers, etc.)
**Macadamia Nut Yogurt



Blend all ingredients until smooth.
Pour the content into a clean container with a loose lid. Set the container on the kitchen counter to culture for about 6 hours (The time may vary. It all depends on how warm it is in your house).

Once cultured seal the top lid and transfer the container in the refrigerator.

*Yogurt is savory as well as sweet!

Recipe By: Walking Raw & Ilaria Gaynor