Lou’s Raw Vegan Pate Patties

A delicious raw vegan burger alternative

2 Cups sprouted almonds (Soaked 24 hours) 2 cups sprouted pumpkin seeds (soaked 8 hours)
2 cups sprouted sunflower seeds (soaked 8 hours)
2 — 3 garlic cloves (minced)
1 K tsp. Kelp Granules

Put top ingredients in a bowl and mix together
Run it all through the Greenstar Juicer or Champion (twice to make it creamier)

Add to the pate mixture:
Half of a medium white onion (minced) 2 stalks of celery (minced)
2 Tbl. Poultry seasoning
2 tsp salt of choice

Form into patties and serve (or dehydrate at 105 degrees until it’s crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. Time will vary. Garnish with cranberry relish!
Tastes great even without dehydrating.

or…add the paté to your favorite dehydrated bread and add, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, sprouts, nut cheese, avocado and dijon mustard for a delicious raw vegan burger.

Recipe By:
Lou Corona