Lou’s Raw Vegan Sushi

Simple, flavorful and elegant! This is a showstopper!

norrrrr2Lou’s Tip: Try adding fresh basil to your salad! It is a simple way to bring a variation to a great

Untoasted sheets of Nori (a dried, flat, tasty sea vegetable product available at health food stores or Asian Markets – the dark nori is raw – when toasted, nori turns green)

Any of all the following filling ingredients: 
Cilantro Dressings
Shredded carrots or Zucchini
Julienned strips of red pepper
sliced ripe Avocado
Washed, stemmed spinach

Ingredients (to Make Rolls)

  • Untoasted Sheets  Nori (or collard greens)

  • ANY or ALL of the following fill ingredients:  Cilantro Dressings, Shredded Carrots, Zucchini, Julienned Strips of Red Pepper, Sliced Ripe Avocado, Spinach (washed and stemmed)

Ingredients (Dipping Sauce)

  • Juice of 1 small Fresh Lemon

  • 1 Cup  Almond Coconut yogurt (or ¾ cups of soaked almonds)

  • 3 Cloves Garlic

  • Salt To Taste

  • 1 TBS  Nutritional Yeast


Blend Sauce, adding enough pure water to desired creaminess

Begin Making Rolls:

Lay a sheet of nori on a flat surface, long side away from you.
Lay red pepper strips in a row along the front of the nori, letting some stick out the ends slightly.
Top with shredded carrots or zucchini, avocado, sprouts, and lettuce.
Spoon some of the dressing across the veggies
Moisten the far end of the nori with lemon.
Roll the nori up tightly around the filling and rub the moistened end along the roll to seal.
Cut the nori into several pieces, and repeat with remaining ingredients.

Use sunflower seed for dipping sauce; add cayenne or hot peppers. Try using veggies only, leaving out any pate or dressing in the filling

Recipe by Lou Corona