The Story of Lou Corona


Lou Corona

Lou Corona, commonly known as the “Healthiest Man in the World” is a Holistic Health Educator who travels all over the world assisting people on the path back to health and wellness. He teaches the four principles that are key to this process and how to live clean, lean and serene with an abundance of energy. He teaches cleansing, detoxing, enzyme/probiotic therapy, How to practice a raw living food lifestyle and how to prepare living foods that are good for your body.

Puradyme is Lou’s company offering only the highest quality enzymes, probiotics and super-foods in the world. I am going to share with you his teachings that I learned years ago from Lou; he calls them the four principles of life.

When I first met Lou he was giving a talk to a group of people about his story. He told us that he was in the Air Force in his early 20’s and ate the cafeteria food that was available to him. He went through boot camp with flying colors and at that time he was able to do 90 pull-ups, he could do 250 push-ups, he could run a mile in 41/2 minutes, he could do 4 minutes underwater, he could climb a twenty-foot rope in six seconds.  But after Boot Camp, his body was having trouble digesting the food he was eating, and he started getting constipated. Lou was going #2 every three days. Eventually, it turned into once every week and then once every two weeks, and then once every three weeks.  He woke up with cramps, and pain and many times he tried so hard but couldn’t. He started developing acne and pimples all over his face.

He became very congested in his sinuses and developed chronic asthma. He eventually ended with a big tumor that developed behind his head and was facing surgery.  He was forced to take medication intravenously and orally because of the chronic asthma attacks. None of the doctors knew what was causing any of it. When he asked the doctor about the tumor and what was causing it they just didn’t know. They said, “we don’t know what causes it, we just know you go it.” But he just knew it had to do with the toxic waste that was building up in his system from his chronic constipation. He was dumbfounded that the doctors didn’t see the connection.

At 21 years old he made an appointment for surgery to have his tumor removed.   When he was waiting in line at the hospital for his medication, he felt somebody walking to the side of him, when he looked to see who it was, there was no one there.   Then he heard a whisper and was told to walk away and he will be taught everything he needs to know to heal.

Soon after,  Lou met a man who looked to be about 30 years of age and then later found he was 52. This man traveled the world for thirty years learning natural healing, herbs, pressure points. He gave Lou some herbs, cut them all up, and put them in a big bowl.”Eat it?” the man said.  Lou said, “you’re kidding me, that’s for animals, that’s not for humans.” (The greenest leafy food Lou ever had was iceberg lettuce.) The man asked Lou, “are you willing to do whatever it takes to get healthy?”  The man told him he needed to start by eating this and only this for the next two months so he can heal, cleanse and restore and balance every cell in his body. So Lou did exactly as he was instructed.

Within a week of eating these bitter herbs with water every day, Lou began to like it and his taste buds began to adopt them.  He started going to the bathroom better, He was breathing better and then six months later the tumor was completely gone. He told his family what had happened but they all rejected what he was saying. No one believed him. So he left California and went silent, and lived off of the land up in Washington State.  His hair just kept growing and growing down to his waist and grew his own garden. orchard. Everything was going great and he really appreciated every minute of every day.

After many years he was led to embrace the teachings of his mentor and teach the Four Principles that he received to the world. Now, hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from these Four Principles and I’ve personally seen it help people get well and heal from many diseases. By now you must be curious about what these Four Principles are and how to apply them to your life.

I’m going to go through them in detail below along with some very useful information for anyone who is interested in living a healthy, clean, happy life with an abundance of energy.

slide05There are 15 million people walking around with heart disease. Over 600,000 people are dying from that one condition. There are over a trillion dollars spent every year on medical treatments for the top five diseases in the country; heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and depression. A trillion dollars are being spent just on the top five, that’s not even counting all the other conditions that are going on out there that people are actually dying from despite the treatments. There’s a lot of suffering going on out there. With heart disease alone, we have a million people dying yearly from that one condition.

There are over 13 million people walking around with cancer in our country, there are 26 million people walking around with diabetes and it is growing. What most people don’t know is that their suffering is a direct result of poor digestion, poor assimilation, poor metabolism, and poor elimination. So it’s imperative that we emphasized the importance of digestion. It all starts there.

Digestion allows you to assimilate, metabolize and eliminate properly. So it’s been said that life begins in the blood and death begins in the colon. A lot of us suffer both physically and emotionally. We have become victims of our own abuse. We can suffer from a limited belief system and from the made up stories that tell about ourselves. We suffer from fear or anger, resentment, guilt or shame.

If you don’t know this already, these negative emotions distort the integrity and the quality of the cells in the body because we are made up of trillions of cells and every cell that make up your body responds to how we think how we feel and especially how you eat and drink. This is what Lou calls Cellular Integrity.

Cellular Environment has to do with getting enough sun and air. People are not breathing properly. So they’re not getting enough oxygen. Most people are shallow breathing so they are lacking proper oxygen. They’re not drinking enough pure water so they are dehydrated. They are living in a polluted environment, exposed to heavy metals and chemicals every day. They are using chemicals in their homes to clean and in their clothes. Exposure to these chemicals is creating all kinds of havoc on our health. Finally, people are getting poor exercise so their lymphatic system (which is part of the immune system) becomes sluggish and this allows toxins to accumulate in the body.

So we have stored toxins and waste by-products and this, in turn, attracts parasites and viruses. But…the #1 reason we are suffering: poor nutrition. We are altering our foods by steaming, frying, baking and microwaving and we’re eating in-organic foods that have preservatives pesticides, herbicides, and GMO’s.. We are altering our food from its natural state. so these are the reasons we are suffering as people.

slide08Ok. So what can we do about this? Lou created the keys to radiant health. He calls them the Four Principles. They are Cellular communication, Cellular Environment, Cellular Exercise, and Cellular Nutrition.  Lou Corona says that when you have negative thinking and negative emotions going on – the water in your body changes every cell in the body and they get distorted, the integrity falls short and they become susceptible and vulnerable to infectious diseases.


The second principle, Cellular Environment is about integrating the elements, embracing the Sun, the water, air, and Earth. When Lou started living on fresh organic plant-based raw living foods, he said his awareness completely shifted and he started to become more connected with nature and the elements. He was guided to go out into the wilderness and fast for 40 days on water only. He actually had this abundance of energy and a feeling of so much power from being out there and embracing these elements and that’s when he discovered the electromagnetism of the body.

People who have contacted Lou for support, completely recovered when he got them out in the sun, on a daily basis, as he showed them how to breathe slower and deeper and drink the good water and get grounded to the Earth.  Lou says that when you do this it energizes your cells, it detoxifies them, it oxygenates them, it hydrates and strengthens them.

slide12The third principle is called Cellular Exercise. There are different forms of cellular exercise that you can practice and when you do them consistently, they actually exercise all the cells throughout the body.  The reason behind the cellular exercise is to not only oscillate every cell but also to stimulate the lymphatic system which is part of the immune system. You have several times more fluid in your lymphatic system than you do in your bloodstream. Your bloodstream has a pump called the heart which circulates blood throughout the whole body so you can feed and oxygenate your cells-  there are always waste by-products, that need to be removed from your blood on a continuous basis.

The lymphatic fluid in that system can pull the toxins and waste by-products out of the blood through a fine membrane and those toxins are eliminated through basically four organs; 1) bowels – that’s called defecation, 2) the kidneys- urination, 3) the lungs- respiration 4) skin-perspiration.  So when you properly stimulate the Lymphatic system, it keeps your body clean, healthy and strong. All the people who suffered from a disease and who came to Lou for help had a slow or sluggish lymphatic system. It’s imperative that we stimulate the lymph. You can do it through breathwork, rebounding, on a miniature trampoline – where you jump up and down twenty minutes a day, you can do it through swimming nonstop for twenty minutes, bodywork, hot/cold applications, (where you go into a sauna and you jump into a cold plunge then go back and forth)  or go out into the
mineral hot spring water and then jump in the cold pool. This helps stimulate the lymphatic system.

slide13The next Principle is called Cellular Nutrition– how you feed the body on a cellular level. A long time ago we actually used to eat of fresh plant-based living foods straight from nature. But somehow, somewhere in time, we learn how to put the food through fire and destroy the life force in it before we ate it. Then we became conditioned into this and it became a way of life.

You will notice in the animal kingdom, that all the animals in the wild eat everything fresh and nothing cooked. The only people that eat anything cooked are the domesticated ones that are living beside humans. The truth is, we were actually intended to eat everything fresh. When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs in its natural state without cooking, without frying, baking, steaming or microwaving, then and only then are you taking the life into your body. This is a very powerful lifestyle that many people are now adopting.  When you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in its natural state right from nature and learn to combine them and have fun with them, you will experience such a joy and thrill that your body will begin to crave healthy foods!

SAWhen you learn how to take seeds and nuts and soak them in water so that they are germinated and enzyme activated, you will understand that they have become easier to digest and way easier to process and your metabolism can assimilate and run more efficiently and eliminate more efficiently.   You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to live it, all you need to do is just do it. Cellular Nutrition is how you feed your body on a cellular level. (How you get the nutrition from your food into the best possible molecular state so that it feeds the cells of your body) Ultimately, the best scenario is consuming only organic plant-based organic foods.

This is not a theory or a new-age holistic idea. It is a known fact, that the longest living people in the world eat this way. So why isn’t everybody doing it? Because we’ve been told otherwise. From the very first year of school, we are taught about the four food groups and that it is an essential part of a balanced diet. Well, I’m here to tell ya, it should be called the four toxic food groups. We now know how these foods affect our health; dairy products, gluten, animal protein, cooked, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. They are actually doing more harm than good.

For centuries we have been cooking and processing our foods – completely altering it from its natural state. But now we know that the longest living people in the world eat everything fresh and they even culture their foods. Only about 60% of the doctors out there will tell you that eating fresh living foods make the food bioavailable to your cells and that this way you are able to assimilate the protein into amino acids, the fatty acids into glucose and the phytonutrients into anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals.

When cooked food goes into the body, the body has to use up more of its own enzymes to digest it and- more than it can remanufacture within the body – which causes the body to be enzyme deficient over time. If your body is depleted of enzymes to break down your foods, your body will become very toxic. When this happens, it attracts parasites, viruses, yeast and bacteria that live on this waste and then multiply throughout the body. On top of that, these little critters will excrete themselves, creating a very toxic, poisonous, acidic waste!


Lou has seen many people suffering from illness and disease and they all have very acidic blood. What does Lou recommend to all cooked food eaters:

Don’t worry, while you are in the process of evolving from cooked processed foods, you can begin the journey gradually and at your own pace. If you are a meat eater, the best way to start on the path to health is by first going vegetarian. This can be done by quitting red meat first, then when you are ready, quitting white meat and then Fish. Once you get away from Animal protein and get into healthy vegetarian types of protein, you will begin to notice a tremendous difference in the way you feel. Now you can gradually start to bring in the plant-based, enzyme enriched organic foods. During this process, it’s ok if you’re still eating cooked foods on a vegetarian diet, but depending on your discipline level, and when you are ready, you will want to bring in more raw living foods into your lifestyle. Eating raw fruits and vegetables, raw seeds, nuts, green leafy salads, and raw smoothies. From there, then you can go to the next level which is soaking your nuts and seeds overnight in water to germinate them and sometimes even culture them so that they can be easily digestible and much more bioavailable to your system. (See website for instructions and recipes!)

slide16Once you have mastered the art of eating raw and healthy, you will want to take it to the next level – understanding the power of Enzyme Therapy. Dr. Edward Howell, a medical doctor, and scientist spent fifty years of his life traveling the world doing studies on the longest living people in the world. He compared the average person living around 82 years old with the people who were living over 120 years in different parts of the world. His conclusion was; that the missing link was enzymes.

He discovered that the people eating raw living enzyme-enriched foods had experienced longevity and never got sick. He also discovered that when people ate cook food they became enzyme deficient through time. When you eat cooked food, the white blood cell count goes up and the body responds to cooked food like its a poison. He also discovered that the body has to use more of its own enzymes to digest that food, more than you can remanufacture which is what causes the enzyme depletion. The lack of enzymes is fundamentally responsible for ill health, premature aging, degenerative diseases, and premature death.

Lou Corona – In his sixties

When Dr. Edward Howell put average people who suffered from disease, on enzyme-enriched foods, their diseases went away.  When they went back to eating cooked foods, the disease came back. That’s when he decided he needed to come up with a solution. He discovered how to extract the enzymes from plants and highly concentrate them and give to people as they ate their food so that they can put the life back into the food that was cooked out of it. This was a profound discovery – one that mainstream science has not even recognized yet or will admit.

slide17We now know that Enzymes die at 105 degrees. Therefore, in cooked food, there is no enzyme activity. So, if you are still eating cooked food, that’s ok.. ultimately you want to eat fresh living foods, but while you’re in the process of transitioning you might consider taking some powerful enzymes with your food. So let me explain a little bit about what Enzymes are: Enzymes are the spark of life. They are actually protein molecules with electricity running through them. They are pure energy. They take care of every function in the body. Kirlian photography can pick up the electrical force that is going around anything alive. Under Kirlian photography, raw cabbage has a glowing radiant aura of light around it. A cooked cabbage appears completely dark, no energy radiates from it at all.

So Kirlian photography can pick up all this electrical energy that is in it and it is active and alive, and the cabbage that was cooked has no life in it at all. If you want to put life in and get life out, eat fresh live foods.  I’m going to repeat it again. It is really very simple: If you want to eat cooked food (or dead food)  then that’s what it is going to lead you into- sooner than later. It’s going to take up more of your life force to process it, and you will become enzyme deficient over time. This is why so many people age so rapidly.

During what Lou calls his “Oatmeal Test” He puts regular oatmeal with a little water into a glass and lets it sit for a while. He turns the glass upside down and you can see that it is hard as a rock. He takes some high-grade enzymes from his company, Puradyme, called Lyfzyme and puts a few of them inside the glass of oatmeal. He takes a spoon and mixes it slowly just for a few seconds and you can see the oatmeal start to thin out and become liquid in seconds. These enzymes are so strong that you can pour this oatmeal liquid into another glass. He uses this demonstration just to give you an idea of the power of enzymes. This demonstration is worth a thousand words. Watch the video experiment here and go ahead and try it for yourself.

What the enzymes did is activate once they hit the water inside the hardened oatmeal. They began breaking down the proteins into amino acids (which is what gives us healthy hair, skin and bones) There are also other enzymes that broke down the carbohydrates into glucose and simple sugars. There are also enzymes in there that broke down the fats into fatty acids. With all this going on,  the oatmeal was instantly liquified and (pre-digested). In other words, by taking multiple digestive enzymes with your meals you are pre-digesting your food as it goes into the stomach.

Lou Says that normally, you would never need to take an enzyme supplement at all if you just follow the four principles. You can have a great life. Especially, if you live near rich soil and grow organic foods in your backyard with good air and good water. But that’s not the case for most busy people living in a big city. Even when Lou returned to civilization after living off the land, he kept taking the enzymes with his plant-based meals so he could compensate for the enzyme deficiency in the food itself.

So even if you’re still eating cooked foods, you will want to take enzymes with your meals. We have learned so much about enzyme therapy. The power of plant-based enzymes in a concentrated form can be used to accelerate the cleansing and healing process. You can use them to put the enzymes back in the food that was cooked out of it to help you compensate and take the stress off of your pancreas. Of course, the ultimate lifestyle is eating mostly fresh live foods from enzyme enriched soil, then you don’t really need them. But if you’re not doing that or you can’t do that right now… you can use Lyfzymes to put the life back in your food.

Through all the research and technology that he’s acquired over many years, these are of the highest quality enzymes that Lou’s company, Puradyme has put together. They are of the broadest spectrum of 16 different kinds of enzymes, using whole food co-factors. The activity is of the highest I’ve ever seen. I  take Liyfzymes right before my meals so that I can put the life back in my food. Most people take about 4-5 just before they eat and you will be running, clean and efficient with an abundance of energy.

So what most people are doing is eating cooked processed foods, and they are not taking powerful enzymes like these with their food and they are only partially digesting, partially absorbing, partially metabolizing partially eliminating and they become somewhat constipated. That is why it has become a cultural norm in America to have a magazine rack next to the toilet!  So if you’re eating 3 meals a day, you really should be going about 3 times a day for a lean and clean system. But if you are eating 3 meals a day and going only once a day, you’re a little behind schedule. Did you know that? And most people are going every other day! That’s a lot of backed up people! It’s why we have a multi-billion dollar laxative industry. We were never supposed to take that long in the bathroom. We’ve been conditioned otherwise.

People are going to the bathroom and they end up sitting there, waiting, and praying, and wondering when it’s going to happen and when they finally go the person that really suffers is the person who goes into the bathroom after they just left. You may be wondering what died in there. What you’re smelling is putrid, half-digested food that becomes foul toxic waste. When you have un-digested proteins, carbohydrates, and fats due to an enzyme deficiency, then it putrefies and ferments inside the body. When this stuff gets stuck in the colon it begins to leak toxins into the bloodstream causing cancer, diabetes, disease, and old age. Furthermore, when this toxic waste builds up in the system it attracts parasites, viruses, bacteria, and yeast. These little critters will live on that waste and multiply and in turn secrete their own toxic waste and this can lead to infections and disease of all kinds. That’s why Lou says that Toxemia is the one word that covers the cause of every disease there is.

slide07Toxemia can be a direct result of an enzyme deficiency in any one of the three classes of enzymes. The 3 most important enzymes in this process are protease, lipase, and amylase. Protease digests the protein, lipase digests the fat and amylase digest the carbohydrates. If you’re eating cooked protein foods, whether it’s fish, beef, turkey, chicken or eggs, even tofu or cooked beans, roasted nuts – these cooked protein foods that we are taking into the body will force our body to produce an enzyme called Protease. Your body overworks to produce this enzyme and to digest these cooked proteins, however, it can’t make enough of it and you end of becoming Protease enzyme deficient.

If you’re eating cooked carbohydrates (bagels, bread, pasta, cereal, etc) it is Amylase that digests it and turns it into glucose and simple sugars. Again, your body overworks to try to produce enough Amylase to digest all this stuff and over time you can become Amylase deficient. When you become deficient in it, the carbohydrates ferment in the body which leads to allergies, asthma, arthritis, gas, bloating, weight gain, skin rashes.

If you’re eating fried foods, heated oils, you can become Lipase enzyme deficient, you can end up with chronic inflammatory conditions; heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty tumors, and plaque in the arteries.

Lou had a client that suffered from diabetes. He was taking insulin 3 times a day for years and ended up with gangrene on his feet. The flesh on his feet was beginning to rot and the doctors were getting ready to amputate this man. Lou put him on his plant-based enzymes and probiotics, herbs, fresh juicing, and had him do a lot of bodywork, detox bathing, and colonic therapy. Seven days later, his infection was gone. You know what came out of him? black slimy mucoid plaque and wormy fecal matter that had been stuck in his colon for years. Two days later he was off the insulin, the diabetes was gone, six months later he was running two miles a day with those same feet!

99% of people when you put their live blood under a microscope had an accumulation of undigested proteins, carbs, and fats, trapped in their body at certain percentages. So Lou does is show them how to follow the four principles and take care of some deficiencies and usually about 6-8 months their blood gets clean and healthy. Clean blood is important. You want your red blood cells to be round and separate and glowing and all the plasma to be clean and healthy.

So if you want to do something to enhance the enzyme deficiency in your food, then take Lyfzymes with your meal. They will help in a big way.  Some people hear this and are afraid and are worried that if they take multiple digestive enzymes with their food that they will become dependent on them.  We are already dependent on them! It’s like the way the plants are dependent on the sun. You need the sun to live and you need water to drink to flush and hydrate, and you need enzymes for every function of your body. So if the enzymes are not in the food you eat, (which is your vital energy) you need to do something to compensate otherwise your body will compensate.

Lou says that his Lyfzymes are the highest activity, highest quality, the highest spectrum of enzymes with no fillers and whole food co-factors. So it’s a very powerful, multiple digestive enzyme with all three classes of enzymes.  You will want to take about 5 of them with each meal and do that for the next 100 years. As long as I am living in a city and buying food from the stores, I will take them with my meals, even with my organic plant-based raw living food.

For healing, for people who are really suffering, you can take Puradyme’s highly concentrated form of enzymes that work systematically in your body called Purazyme. If you have any excess undigested protein, carbs, and fats, in your blood or in your body (which most people do) then you might want to take Purazyme for a little while. They are designed to take on an empty stomach an hour or more before meals or two hours or more after meals. So it can go into your system systemically and work on and digest the excess undigested proteins, carbs, and fats that have accumulated in your body.  Remember, you do not want excess undigested proteins, carbs and fats in your body because they putrefy, rancidity and ferment attracting parasites, bacteria, and yeast. I’m repeating this again because I really want you to get this.

So when you take Purazyme four times a day or more depending on your situation, on an empty stomach, an hour again before meals or two or more after meals it will get rid of the undigested proteins, carbs and fats including the mucoid plaque in in the intestinal tract, protein plaque, mineral plaque and fat plague. So if you take that for the next 3-6 months (depending on your situation), you will get all that excess out. Then you can stop and take them maybe once a day for maintenance like I do.

Lou also talks a lot about probiotics and that it is a crucial part of the healing and cleansing process when he sees people. Probiotics are “good” live bacteria and yeasts that are similar to the Probiotics naturally found in your body.  PuraLiyf Probiotics are actually enzyme enhanced probiotics combining all the health benefits of Probiotics with the proteolytic capabilities of enzymes.  This formulation is the perfect supplement for those suffering from extreme ailments.  PuraLiyf is a broad spectrum of probiotics mixed together which makes it a highly concentrated probiotic.  It comes in capsule form and you can take them right before you go to bed. If you have some major issues going on you can take up to twenty before going to bed. Also, if you ever get food poisoning from the toxic food out there, just take a handful of these powerful probiotics and within three hours your symptoms will be gone.

Lyfbiotic is the perfect supplement to replenish your supply of natural friendly flora that has been destroyed by everyday stresses, unhealthy lifestyles, or acidic diets. They are especially good to replenish the system of good bacteria for those who have been on antibiotics. Lyfbiotic in the powder form and it is also perfect to use to culture your food, You can make endless yogurt recipes, smoothies, dressings, soups, etc. When you soak your nuts and seeds overnight and then culturize them with Lyfbiotic what it does is makes them enzyme activated and makes it easy for the body to assimilate and convert it into energy.

Liyf Essentials is another product Lou has created which is a whole food plant based, organic protein complex in powder form.  You can add it to smoothies, dressings, soups, dips, etc. It’s a very powerful anti-oxidant and it contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids that your body needs. It will assist in rebuilding the liver, brain function, skin, nails, and hair. I use it mostly to enhance my food with more nutritional value. And if you’re living a vegetarian lifestyle, Liyf Essentials is the perfect supplement to add the needed proteins in your diet.

Lastly, Lou has created Cleanse,  which is a specialized blend of herbs that help to clean, detoxify and soothe the intestinal tract. It helps to remove the mucoid plaque out of the track, absorb the toxins and carry it out of the system. Cleanse can help you start cleaning and detoxifying your bowels. Lou recommends a tablespoon in some water, first thing in the morning.

So do your best to take care of your body and your life, and spread this message on your path so that it might inspire others to get on the path to health and wellness. Thanks to Lou Corona, I have learned so much about our health that mainstream medicine just doesn’t want to talk about or is just too stubborn to research.   I have been living an incredible and powerful and joyous healthy life.  One day, we will get smarter; smarter than the food corporations whose only means of survival is putting profit over people.  One day this knowledge will be accepted by the doctors who are pushing pharmaceuticals to mask the disease instead of trying to prevent it and people will live happier, longer and healthier lives.

Michael Perlin