How to make GORILLA MILK

Gorilla Milk is one of the nutritional drinks that Lou Corona invented to make sure you are getting enough protein and nutrients while cleansing. You can add kale, celery, red leaf lettuce, parsley, and cilantro, arugula, swiss chard, cucumber and lettuce, and organic almond milk.  It also contains essential omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and calcium.  It’s really a fantastic…

Trash everything in your Fridge!

This article is about emptying your entire fridge into a large trash bag. It’s a good idea to do this many times a year if you are eating processed, frozen, genetically modified foods containing high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, flavoring, preservatives, gluten, dairy, pasteurized and synthetic ingredients. or anything that is not plant-based raw…


Holistic Health Educator, Lou Corona (AGE 70) tells his full story in this inspiring and enlightening presentation. This is the story that changed his life and set him on a path to eating only plant based organic raw living foods.

Why I Take Enzymes With Meals

In Eastern Europe, where I grew up, we almost always cooked frozen vegetables to a mushy substance. It was pretty much all we ate in the winter months when there was nothing fresh available. Not to mention all the different variety of meat products, that were processed, cooked, fried or baked and prepared as meals.…

Why Detox?

The very important reason everyone should detox!

The Detox and Cleanse Fruit Fast

The best way to fast on Fruit!

How To Make the Lemon Ginger Blast

The Lemon Ginger Blast will clean and wash the system from the inside out. Drinking this on a daily basis is like doing enzyme and mineral therapy. This is a very powerful drink that Lou has been thriving on for over 27 years. * It cleans and washes the system * Enhances circulation. * It Stimulates the…

Why You Should Never Eat Peanuts

If you’ve grown up in the U.S., you’ve probably had a taste of the ‘famous’ Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich at some point in your life. It is one of the first meal that kids in today’s society are exposed to as soon as they can chew.  Oh so yummy right?…but unfortunately, not so healthy. Peanut butter…

7 Best Vegan and Protein Foods

  One of the misconceptions of the vegan lifestyle is that there is no source of protein and one will always stay hungry when on a vegan diet. I remember my grandma use to say I need to eat meat to be strong and by only eating veggies I won’t grow up and won’t have…

Lou Corona’s Free Webinar

Lou Corona’s rare one hour webinar that has only been seen live until now.

Lou Corona Free Ebook

Download the free Lou Corona EBook

Lou Corona And His Four Principles

Lou’s quick summary of the Four Principles in a nutshell.

Puradyme Product Description with Fruzsina & Lou Corona

  Lou Corona and Fruzsina go over Puradyme products and how to use them. Enzymes and Probiotics are our Life Force! Enzymes are responsible for removing toxins, purifying the blood and strengthening the immune system! Probiotics, contribute to digestion and work to maintain a healthy intestinal tract, fight against the negative bacteria that reside in…

How to Obtain Perfect Health

Puradyme was founded on Lou Corona’s love for mankind and a desire to see every person live a natural, radiant and vibrant life, free of disease. Lou has helped thousands of people heal from Acne, Arthritis, allergies, alzheimer’s, asthma, cellulite, Candida, chronic fatigue, constipation, depression, diabetes, endometriosis, excess weight, IBS, indigestion, infections, heart disease, tumors,…

Almond Coconut Yogurt by Lou Corona

A powerful living cultured yogurt with all of the essential nutrients predigested so it’s much easier to assimilate, metabolize and convert into energy, muscle, hair, skin and bones and keep the system running clean and efficient. Benefits of Coconuts: Young coconuts are one of the greatest health treats on the planet! The water contained in…

Lemon Ginger Blast Detox Drink by Lou Corona

The Lemon Ginger Blast will clean and wash the system from the inside out. Drinking this on a daily basis is like doing enzyme and mineral therapy. This is a very powerful drink that Lou has been thriving on for over 27 years. * It cleans and washes the system * Enhances circulation. * It Stimulates the…

Who is Lou Corona?

‪Lou Corona, Holistic Health Educator and founder of Puradyme, teaches the four principles to health and longevity and assists people in the recovery of all types of diseases. Thirty-seven years ago at the age of 21, Lou was suffering from a multitude of illnesses ranging from asthma to a huge tumor. Lou undoubtedly defied the…

Secrets of the Longest Living People in the World

Holistic Health and Raw Living Food Educator, Lou Corona talks about the importance of eating a raw living plant based food diet and the importance of adding high grade multiple digestive enzymes with every meal. To order Lou’s Products: Puradyme

Lou Corona Interview that will change your life

Lou Corona (known as the Healthiest Man in the World) had one thing in mind when he created Puradyme: to raise the awareness about the power of Raw Living Foods and Supplementation as well as 4 Principles of Health and Longevity.  Lou believes that by understanding the effects of your environment, thought process, and nutritional well-being (foods/…

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Mai Nguyen – Vegan Restaurant Owner

Lou Corona has so much knowledge about the body and how to keep it healthy! – Mai Nguyen

Storm Mrradseo

The Four Principles that are available through Puradyme are so applicable to every sentient being on this planet. – Storm Mrradseo

Do we really need to take enzymes?

Lou Corona explains the power of Enzyme Therapy.

Tony Boldi interviews the Healthiest Man in the World – Lou Corona with Puradyme

Tony Boldi interviews Holistic Health Educator Lou Corona about the Four Principles to health and longevity Enzyme/Probiotic therapy and raw living foods. For more info on the four principles and Lou’s Products:

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